How to Talk About Books

     If you want to have a better reading life, we need to talk about the social aspect of reading: how to tell your friends about a book you're reading, how to discuss literature at a somewhat intelligent level, and how to summarize your own thoughts on a book.

     1. Don't try too hard. Don't work like crazy to sound intelligent. If you are intelligent, it will come across without you trying.

     2. Respect books. Authors put work into their books. Don't hate on books you didn't enjoy. Others may enjoy those books; they just weren't for you. Let others have their opinions. After all, if we were all the same, the world would be boring.

     3. Make observations as you read. This will prepare you for future bookish discussions. Maybe you related to a character, or maybe you didn't understand something. Your friends are there to help you process the book only after you interpret it for yourself.

     4. Stand by your opinions. Don't give into the common opinion about a book just because it is popular. Always be honest with your thoughts and feelings.

     5. Recommend a book only if you think the other person truly will enjoy it. If someone has a different taste than you do, they may not enjoy a book just because you did. Keep their preferences in mind as you gush about your new favorite book. Don't recommend willy-nilly.

     6. Don't be shy about giving disclaimers. Maybe a book has some language or elements that readers should know beforehand. It's always better to give these up front, especially when you're recommending or lending.

     Challenge for today: Talk to someone about a book!

     Tomorrow we'll discuss how to befriend bookworms. :)


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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