Let Books Swallow You Up

     If you're already a reading enthusiast, you might not find it hard to lose yourself in a book. You know the beautiful feeling of looking up from a book to find that you were absorbed in it for several hours.

     That's ok. In fact, that's the best.

     When we have time and space to allow a book to wrap us up in its pages, I think those are the stories that stick with us the most.

     Not all books can swallow you up like this. Not all books have redeeming value or stunning descriptions. Not all books have flawless character development and attention-grabbing first lines.

     But some do.

     Some teach you. Some change your life. Some you love forever. Some make you cry.

     Some make you fall in love with reading all over again.

     Those are the ones that are worth returning to again and again. When you find them, you won't let them go.

     Challenge for today: Revisit an old favorite, a book that swallowed you up, heart and soul.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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