Study Others' Shelves

     As you are now a reader who cultivates book collections, you may begin to study others' shelves.


     This is ok! Studying others' book collections/shelves will help you to figure out what you like on your shelf. Edit out what you don't like about other shelves, and keep what you do like.

     After all, every artist improves upon others' works. And bookshelf-curating is an art.

     It may feel a little book nerdy at first as you strain to see what books are in the background of a picture. Soon enough, though, it will be second nature, and you'll even begin straightening up messy bookstores. :)

     Challenge for today: Study others' bookshelves. Make notes on organization, book selection, etc.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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