Use the Library!

     I love the little cartoon above. Sometimes it's how I truly feel when a library book is overdue (but not lost...I never lose a library book!)

     If you want to have a better reading life, it's time to put the library to use. Maybe don't have 17 books out from the library at once, but get some library books. They're free, and you will be surprised at the good selection.

     Our library is down for two weeks while they move all the books back to the newly renovated library, but I have plenty to read until then.


     Here are my 10 library tips:
  1. Put books on hold; then pick them up at your convenience. Pretty much every time I think, "I want to read that book right now," I put it on hold at the library.
  2. Browse their shelves. You might find a new book by an author you like, books similar to the ones you checked out, or even a new release you haven't heard of.
  3. Always silence your cell phone! It's basic phone etiquette (and library etiquette).
  4. Learn the organization of the library, one section at a time. You should be able to explain every section to a child by the time you're through exploring.
  5. Try your best to return books on time. Others may be waiting on them.
  6. Make friends with the librarians. They will help you find books, wiggle out of fines, and research various topics. My goal in life is to be on first name terms with my librarians.
  7. Be loyal to your local library.
  8. Check out movies, audiobooks, magazines, and children's books too.
  9. Take good care of library books, always following the Ten Commandments of Borrowing Books.
  10. Visit the library regularly, picking up at least one item each time. This practice keeps your relationship with the library open.
     Challenge for today: Visit your public library. (It can be sometime this week.)


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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  1. Nice Post, good tips, especially about the movies :P I like having you in my inbox

    -Patrick Osigian


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