When to Read


     There are legitimate excuses not to read, I suppose. But they are few and far between. You can always bring a book with you (as we saw in Where to Read).

     When should you read?

     Before I say the obvious, we must note something particularly crucial: Do not read while attending a funeral, listening to a sermon, eating with your family, driving a car, sitting in class, or anywhere else that you deem it inappropriate.

     There are plenty of good times to read (right now, in fact!), but don't let it consume your time or distract you from important moments in life.

     Reading is for the in-between moments, the pauses, the times you would otherwise waste on tv or social media.

     When should you read?

  • When the house is quiet early in the morning
  • While waiting for the doctor, dentist, your family, a play, a movie, etc.
  • When you need a stress-free afternoon or evening pastime
  • When no one is home
  • When you have seemingly nothing to do
  • When the house is quiet late at night
  • When you're in the mood
  • When you have three library books due today *cough*MADELINE*cough*
  • When you need to know the ending
  • When your TBR list is eight miles long
  • When you have no more room on your nightstand
  • When you want to go outside, but you don't want to exercise ;)
  • When you get a foggy and goofy brain from too much time on electronics
  • When everyone else is watching a tv show or movie you don't care for
  • When you need advice or inspiration from a great teacher
     There are so many wonderful times to read. I just hope you find the ones that work best for you.

     That's your challenge!

     Challenge for today: Read at your favorite time of day.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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