Which Genre Is Right for You?

     So, if you're to read widely and selectively, which genre is right for you?

     The best way to find out is to explore several books within one genre. Once you feel like you have tasted the genre thoroughly enough, move on to read a bunch of books in a different genre.

     This list covers the main genres of literature.

     Read through them and pick one you're interested in. Maybe it's one you've never read from. Maybe it's one you think you like but want to revisit.

     Read 5-10 books in the genre. Hopefully, each book you choose comes at the genre from an ever-so-slightly different angle. (You don't want every book to have the same author, main character, or basic plot structure.)

     Why it matters: You don't want to start dismissing genres based on one or two books. Explore a genre fully before moving to the next one, so you don't get them confused. :) This method is important.

     Maybe you won't even get through all the books in the genre because you find out you hate it. Or maybe you will read them all and want 20 more because the genre draws you in!

     Whichever way it goes, hang in there until you have a handle on the genre and can convey your thoughts on the genre as a whole.

     Challenge for today: Pick a genre, and start exploring it. Let me know which genre you want to explore first in the comments below!


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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