6 Ways We All Relate to Emmet from The Lego Movie (with Gifs!)

     Every now and then a super relatable character comes along. Emmet from The Lego Movie is one of the truly greatest characters of all time.

     Now that the hype for the movie has died down, we can actually enjoy it for the masterpiece it is.

     Here are six ways we all relate to Emmet:

     1. Working out = 3 jumping jacks

     2. We share our meals with the special people plants in our lives.

     3. Driving around town is the biggest adventure we actually go on.

     4. We all try to be dark and brooding, but it's hard to hide our silly side.

     5. We pay too much for our coffee but love it anyway.

     6. Paying attention is sometimes just plain hard, but we don't want to be completely ignorant.

     Do you relate to these? They're some of my favorite moments. :)


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