Why We Shouldn't Ignore the Old Testament

     Yesterday, I finished reading through the Old Testament. If I had never read the Bible cover to cover, I would have missed so much of the OT.

     Pastors and teachers, books and Bible studies--all seem to revolve around limited chapters of the New Testament.

     But as I read the final pages of Malachi, I was reminded. I was reminded of all the good things God did for His people. Yes, back then they were "Israel" and "Judah" and sometimes "you wicked nation," but today we are "the Church" and "the holy ones" and "the royal priesthood."

     Every truth about who God is in the OT is still true today. God still loves his people. He still exerts righteous jealousy when we begin to stubbornly follow other gods. He still speaks to us (through His Word, His Spirit, and His People). He still guards us, defends us, forgives us, and restores us.

     All of these may be found in the NT, but they are loud and clear in the Old Testament. I mean, where else do you see God literally guiding people on a journey? Where else do you see him literally freeing an entire nation? Where else do you see him literally anoint a king to reign over Israel?

     Everything in the OT is a foreshadowing of something God does either in the NT, the Church Age (where we are now), or the future. From the Old to the New Testaments, prophecies about Jesus's birth turn into an actual baby in a manger. The lambs sacrificed become the Lamb sacrificed. Rulers established become subject to the King over all. The Old and New complement each other.

     This year as I read through the Bible, I summarize each chapter in a sentence and each book of the Bible with some simple but magnificent truths about what God does, as follows:

Genesis ~ God creates and initiates.
Exodus ~ God rescues.
Leviticus ~ God purifies.
Numbers ~ God disciplines.
Deuteronomy ~ God reminds.
Joshua ~ God conquers.
Judges ~ God raises.
Ruth ~ God redeems.
1 Samuel ~ God anoints.
2 Samuel ~ God establishes.
1 Kings ~ God divides.
2 Kings ~ God exiles.
1 Chronicles ~ God organizes.
2 Chronicles ~ God warns.
Ezra ~ God restores.
Nehemiah ~ God rebuilds.
Esther ~ God defends.
Job ~ God tests.
Psalms ~ God upholds.
Proverbs ~ God instructs.
Ecclesiastes ~ God satisfies.
Song of Songs ~ God loves.
Isaiah ~ God humbles.
Jeremiah ~ God promises.
Lamentations ~ God listens.
Ezekiel ~ God punishes.
Daniel ~ God reveals.
Hosea ~ God corrects.
Joel ~ God judges.
Amos ~ God crushes.
Obadiah ~ God destroys.
Jonah ~ God teaches.
Micah ~ God shepherds.
Nahum ~ God avenges.
Habakkuk ~ God strengthens.
Zephaniah ~ God spares.
Haggai ~ God counsels.
Zechariah ~ God dwells.
Malachi ~ God prepares.

     These truths are gems for all eternity. They were true then, and they are true today.

     This is only a glimpse of all that God does in the Old Testament. And this is only my reading of it. When you read it through, you may see or focus on other truths than these.

     I can't even begin to describe how powerful the Old Testament is. It's just as important as the New. It is the written, inspired Word of God preserved and handed down over thousands of years!

     The value of reading every word of the Old Testament (even the seemingly boring parts!) is so infinite. Don't miss out on what God has for you in the Old Testament.



  1. Well done Miss Madeline! It amazes me how young you are and yet how wise. Maybe you have an old soul. Have you heard of or read the Book of Mormon? It's another book of scripture that testifies of Jesus Christ... but of his ministry in America after his resurrection. You really should read it. You'll love it. Check it out on Mormon.org.

    1. Hi, Kyra! I have heard of the Book of Mormon, but I don't believe that it is the inspired Word of God like the Bible is. Jesus didn't go to America after his resurrection; he ascended into heaven.


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