100 Things I'd Rather Hold {Instead of My Phone}

     This post totally got me thinking about how much time I spend on my phone. I've written about this subject a few times, most predominantly here and here.

     I'm diving into this with the assumption that you too know you should spend less time on your phone for your mental health and general well-being. I'm starting with the precedent of wanting to reorient myself on my true priorities.

     Without further ado, I am joining Aliza in sharing 100 things I want to hold instead of my phone. It's perfect for my year of presence.
  1. My 2017 Rifle Paper Co. agenda
  2. A warm mug of tea
  3. The keys of this lovely God-given laptop
  4. My fluffy pillows while chilling on the couch
  5. The key to our mailbox as I enter a pool of sunshine
  6. My friends
  7. My family
  8. My favorite pens...with the black felt tip that rolls like magic
  9. Used books that smell good
  10. The skirts of my favorite dresses
  11. College scholarship letters
  12. Biscuits with honey
  13. Fuzzy slippers
  14. The straps of my backpack that tell of adventures past and adventures to come
  15. A softly-glowing candle
  16. Izzy, my succulent
  17. Statement necklaces that make me feel like a queen
  18. Washcloths that cleanse away the grime of the kitchen
  19. A cool glass of water
  20. Snail mail
  21. Books that came in the mail
  22. Bobby pins
  23. My novella, edited and complete
  24. Oscar ballots
  25. Movie tickets
  26. 3" x 5" cards for plotting books
  27. The pulls on my blinds
  28. My hair tied back in a bun
  29. The steering wheel of a car going anywhere
  30. An actual magazine & scissors for creating inspiration boards
  31. Colored pencils and a Jane Austen coloring book
  32. Snuggly sweaters
  33. A wristlet
  34. My paper calendar that I cross off daily
  35. The handle of the vacuum cleaner
  36. The TV remote
  37. A jar of almonds
  38. My new Bible
  39. A tin of cinnamon mints
  40. Loose leaf notebook paper
  41. A paintbrush and canvas
  42. The arms of my chair
  43. A bundle of wildflowers
  44. A handful of crisp leaves
  45. A friend's hand
  46. Cash
  47. Pennies
  48. Audition sides
  49. My library card
  50. Babies in the church nursery
  51. My blanket scarf
  52. Goldfish for my small group girls
  53. A letter
  54. A photograph
  55. A program for a play
  56. Keys to my house and car
  57. A box of things I plan to take to college
  58. Cookies for friends
  59. My journal
  60. Book darts
  61. A teabag with a fantastic quote
  62. A hammer and nails
  63. Washi tape
  64. Hangers for new clothes
  65. The bench by our pond
  66. The windowsill of a car on a roadtrip
  67. A book about Myers-Briggs
  68. Lipstick
  69. A globe
  70. A blank page for hand-lettering
  71. My resume
  72. The essay I wrote on my favorite word
  73. My new Eno
  74. A lightly packed suitcase
  75. Shared understanding
  76. Perky, Lily, Sybil, and Piper
  77. A hamburger
  78. A sassy remark
  79. Ballet flats
  80. A cd
  81. A borrowed t-shirt or jacket
  82. The hearts of loved ones, handled ever-so-gently
  83. My list of goals
  84. A letter from my Compassion child
  85. A prayer journal
  86. The handles of my bicycle
  87. My ringing alarm clock
  88. Writer's block
  89. A mental picture of the sky
  90. Fresh flowers in a vase
  91. Freshly laundered sheets
  92. My yellow shoulder bag
  93. A song, belted out with a friend or my brother
  94. An honest, deep conversation with a friend
  95. A chai tea latte in an independent coffee shop
  96. A grin from watching other humans
  97. Constructive criticism
  98. Eye contact
  99. Notes sent back-and-forth with my mom
  100. An invitation

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