Book Review & Giveaway: Move Toward the Mess

     This week I read Move Toward the Mess by John Hambrick. Its two hundred or so engaging pages are written in the vein of Love Does by Bob Goff, Radical by David Platt, and Crazy Love by Francis Chan. (If you've read any or all of those and don't think this one will offer a new perspective, don't worry. It's a new perspective, written in a fresh way, and worth reading.)

     Here's an excerpt:

     The title of this book swept me off my feet. "Yes!" my heart cried. I want to move toward messy people. That is my calling and the calling of all the saints.

     The interesting thing about messes is that we are surrounded by them. We don't have to go hunt them down or travel the world. Messes don't just exist in huts and villages or in war-torn nations. Messes are here and now: up the street, in our church, in our city. John Hambrick does an amazing job focusing on the heart attitude rather than the actions that we are to take on.

     Jesus moved toward the messes, and we too shouldn't be afraid of them. The same spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives inside of all believers.

     The people the church marginalizes are the ones we should be reaching. Jesus didn't eat with the church people. He ate with sinners.

     Move Toward the Mess challenges readers to take action. It reminds us that nothing Jesus did was boring! If he had been boring, he wouldn't have had followers or enemies or have been killed.

     I gave Move Toward the Mess 4/5 stars (I LOVED IT) on Goodreads.

     If you'd like to read this book, I can set you up. Comment below by 1/31 with one way that you want to move toward a mess this year (other than that mess in your closet!) for a chance to win a copy!



  1. Move TOWARD a mess? Everything in me wants to escape! Escape conflict, escape problems. I've got so many messes, the last thing I want is to run toward another one. But by learning to remove the feeling of helplessness, and opening myself up to the vulnerability of another mess, might just bring me closer to being who God wants me to be.

    1. That's awesome, Ruth! I know the temptation to run from the mess. God is in the center of the messes.


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