The 50,000 Reasons that You Should Declare Your Goals

     We're setting out on a new year. Maybe you're a goal-setter, and maybe you're not. But if there is anything in your heart that cries out for change on January 1st, I believe you have a goal, even if you haven't fully realized it yet.

     You've probably heard the point of this post before: You should tell someone your goals to set yourself up for success.

     I pressed my hands resolutely against the sides of my mug. College seems to come up in every conversation of late. It's unavoidable.

     "You should throw my college into the mix. I can think of 50,000 reasons you should go. 50,000 students would love to have you."

     "I'm shooting for 5,000 students, thank you."

     It's hard to imagine that there are 50,000 reasons for anything. You probably balked at this title before clicking on it with an "oh, boy, here we go," attitude in your finger.

     But we are social creatures. (Yes, even you lovely introverts.) We need other people around us and beside us, encouraging us in the ways we should go.

     The people all around you are the 50,000 reasons that you should declare your goals. Tell your family, friends, roommates, neighbors, coworkers, fellow students, and (if you're feeling brave) the Interwebs your 2017 goals.

      Without further ado, I hereby proclaim my goals.

     There you go. I declared my goals. Now go out and confidently declare yours to someone.



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