On My Golden Birthday (and First Day of Adulthood)

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader."
~John Quincy Adams

     Today is the day I turn eighteen. Eighteen on the eighteenth, actually, meaning it's my golden birthday. It's my first day of adulthood. Finally, it's Father's Day.

     When a friend asked how I felt on my last day before adulthood, I said, "I feel like I have always been an adult, and now I'm finally close to being legally an adult."

     It's true. There's a lot more I can do now.

     Here's a fun list of things I can legally do as an adult:

Get married
Sue someone (watch your back! haha!)
Book a hotel room, lease an apartment or house, and book a cruise
Change my name
Work full-time
Join the military
Donate blood
Buy fireworks
Sell books at Half Price Books (!!!!!!!!!)
Vote, go in for jury duty, and run for office (and go to an adult jail, but that's beside the point)
Buy a car
Open a bank account
Drive with as many minors as my car will hold (before, I could only drive with one minor besides a sibling in the car at a time)
Get a tattoo or piercing (don't worry...I have no plans) ;)
Buy spray paint and Sharpies
Enter the lottery (a waste of money)
Write a check
Adopt a child
Sign a contract
Enter 18+ giveaways


     An old soul. That's what people call me. And I know it's a good thing that I have this 40-year-old personality (ENFJ), but at times, it's hard to see myself as both an adult and kid.

     That's why I'm glad I'm legally an adult now. Now I can simply look at myself as the adult instead of attempting to reconcile the conflicting messages of being a teenager--the messages that always come back to "Am I an adult or a kid?"

     I think my heart is ready for a new adventure. I can look back on my years as a minor with pride, joy, and gratitude. I lived them well.

     Hello, Year of 18. You look lovely!

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