Summer Bucket List 2017

Inspired by the incredible Carmel Elizabeth (whose blog you should totally read!), I am going to share my summer bucket list here.

     Summer is my favorite. No school. Longer days. Better fruit. Warm sunshine all the time. Swimming. Firepits. Sunsets. Lakes. Plenty of time to read (in theory) and plenty of time to stargaze. Summer has it all!


     As this is my last summer at home before I leave for college (and who knows what my summers will be like in the future!), I know I want to use it wisely.

     Several years ago, I realized that the lack of routine in summer kept me from actually doing much summer reading. It was simply too easy to say "I have so much time! Summer's here!" and never sit down with a book.

     Today I'm sharing my summer bucket list so you might just be inspired to create your own bucket list. And together we can keep those end-of-summer blues away!

     The big three building blocks of my summer schedule:
  • My birthday
  • Mission trip
  • Leave for college
     That leaves only certain gaps of time, but here are the things I'd like to do in the in-between:

Summer Bucket List 2017

1. Catch up with my Goodreads goal. Before I get caught up in the whirlwind of college, I need to be on track with my reading goal. This will require me reading about 27 books by mid-August. Phew! Talk about summer reading!

2. Watch the Anne with an E Netflix series. I've heard terribly negative things about this Anne of Green Gables reboot, but I am willing to give it a shot and form my own opinion. What does 90% of America know anyway? :P

3. Road trip as an eighteen-year-old. What better way to embrace my newfound adult freedom (...when I finally turn eighteen that is)? This will probably fall anytime between my birthday and leaving for college.

4. Finish up my dorm packing list. I want each item I take to be purposeful and important. Having this list will keep my mind calm when I'm leaving my entire life. :P I've already made piles in my room and started labelling things. (Let's be real. I started packing for college in December of my senior year.)

5. Buy all the things I need for my dorm room. I can never be fully prepared, but I at least want to think everything through and give it my best shot. Plus, I want to manage my graduation gifts well and still have money to decorate. This also includes ordering textbooks.

6. Replace the borrowed armchair in my room with a bookshelf of my own. I have my eye on a simple bookshelf from Ikea. This plan would help me get dangerous piles of books out of my closet and onto a beautiful shelf. Then I'd actually have a closet and room for things besides books, shoes, and clothes. Now if only I could get a truck and manpower...

7. Go on a date with dad. Who knows when we'll get to do this again?

8. Get a pedicure right before I leave for college. Treat yo'self. (Plus, I will feel more comfortable being barefoot if I'm also fabulous.)

     To all you who may feel like bucket list-making isn't important: Bucket lists enable us to seize the day and not end up with a pile of regret at the end of the summer. If you don't make a list of priorities, you won't get things done.

     And I want you to be able to get things done. Fun things. Summer things.

     So make a stinkin' bucket list!

What's on your bucket list?



  1. i love bucket list posts! where are you going on a missions trip? i went on my first missions trip in march and it was such a beautiful experience! <3

    1. I will be in Brazil on my fourth trip! Where did you go?

      Here's last year's Brazil trip report if you're interested: http://thelittledecorator.blogspot.com/2016/08/amazon-2016-pictures-thoughts.html

  2. John Michael DomingoThursday, June 08, 2017

    Goodluck in Brazil! That's going to be an awesome time! This was a great post! I need to make a bucket list of my own soon.

    1. Thank you! Yes, bucket lists are the best--so dream-oriented and inspirational.


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