Ode to the Fourth

241 glorious years ago,
That freedom cry rang out.
The bells pealed,
The signatures set in irrevocable ink.

Freedom declared, word slowly spread to the other states.
A young woman with a child on her hip smiles
With tears in her eyes
To know her child has a future in a newly formed nation.

It was observed in the following years as Independence Day,
With parades, fireworks, speeches, and bunting in red, white, and blue.
An entire nation, separated by time zones and thousands of miles
Yet united in their celebration of a budding nation.

Though John Adams said July 2nd
Would forever be remembered by history,
241 glorious years ago today,
Is the day in history we recognize best.

The fourth stands as we stand together
To remember a nation, a history, a hope.
And across the country, we gather to give our nation
Yet another united cry of "happy birthday."



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