Dorm Sweet Dorm

     The moment you've all been waiting for (or let's be real, the moment I've been waiting for for years). I'm in a dorm room! So now I have two beautiful little spaces to decorate and love.

     A whole new aesthetic to explore, and a whole new canvas to paint on.

     Everything in the bedroom should revolve around sleep and comfort, so of course, my roommate and I began with these three throw pillows and built the room around grey, dark blue, and light blue.

     Sybil the bunny and Ellis the llama are cozy on either side of the pillows, and my bed is always the first place I want to sit when I enter the room.

The Bed
  • White sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Grey cotton jersey duvet from Urban Outfitters
  • White fluffiest-and-softest-blanket-in-the-entire-world from Urban Outfitters
  • (3) Throw pillows from At Home
  • Sybil the bunny by Jellycat brand
  • Ellis the llama from Amazon.com
     The tapestry is from Urban Outfitters, and it gets more compliments than anything else in the entire room. Also, it is hung on a wall people can see as they walk by. People pop their heads in and say, "I love love love y'all's dorm room." (Yes, I went to college in the South. I can't help myself.)

     The fairy lights make the space above my dresser amazing! This is also one of the first areas people see as they walk by.

     Note to self: It is very difficult to photograph a mirror and a lamp without glare or one's own face in the picture. Should I be surprised? Probably not.

The Dresser
  • Oceans print purchased to support a ministry in Amsterdam
  • Lamp from Target
  • Fairy lights from Anthropologie - on sale (and they are more magical than any other fairy lights)
  • Chip teacup from Disney
  • "Shh...I'm reading" mug from Barnes & Noble
  • Books from Half Price Books (mainly), Amazon, a bookstore in New York (the name of which escapes me), friends, and my mom :)

     The desk is where all the serious action is about to happen. Here's the lowdown.

The Desk
  • Lamp from Target
  • Corkboard from Target
  • Yellow towel from Target
  • Stationery organizer from Target
  • Stationery from various (mainly Target)
  • Journals from various (mainly Target and Barnes & Noble)
  • Ravenclaw mug from The Patronus Shop
  • Writer's Block from Barnes & Noble
  • Succulent from Home Depot
  • Blanket from Brazil! (and I don't mean Amazon.com!)

     Thank you all for your well-wishes. I am convinced I am right where God wants me, which happens to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.



  1. BEAUTIFUL DECOR!! Makes me want to go to college just so I can decorate a room, haha!
    What are you studying??
    Also, LOVE the blog look! Very pretty!!


    1. I am studying English with a writing concentration. I also hope to add a psychology minor (once I meet with my academic advisor...ha!). I am so glad you enjoyed visiting The Little Decorator. You are welcome any time!


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