Delightful Daily December Discoveries

     In the month of December, I have found numerous things to share/archive here. The first such discovery, Art.com, enthralled me so much that it is at the top of this post. :)

     It is a normal art website until you figure out that you can create a wall of art online. The room above is my first. I have been searching for more art to put in a collage over my bed. ART.COM IS SO COOL!!!!
     And do you remember one of my first posts where I mentioned these? They are our hostess gifts for December. :) So cute, especially in person! Plus, Shop Sweet Lulu has beautiful presentation!
      I am loving this Christmas Shopping List at A Pair of Pears! Even though most of my presents are Christmas cards, I am enjoying something pretty to make gift-giving even more fun.
     For a Christmas craft (for kiddos), I drew trees on green construction paper and let the kids glue buttons, sequins, or small pom-poms on the tree. It was so cool, and I really loved the way even the three-year-olds decorated their trees. If you have the time, cut out the trees before decorating. Thanks, Pinterest, for the idea (which I adapted...) :) Paper is SO much easier than felt. Over-achievers may use felt!
     I certainly hope that you have already pulled out your awesome Christmas books about the nutcracker, Grinch, snow, Jesus, and all the other heroic little characters in Christmas books...

     This SPLIT PEA SOUP from the 100 Days of Real Food blog is amazing! Trust me--delicious!!!! With the cooler weather settling in, this healthy soup will help you fight the freezing outdoors and any nasty colds. Please please make it for me! You won't regret it. (Even if you did regret it, I would readily eat your portion!)

     Also, who remembered to jump up and down (what else are you supposed to do?) at 12:12 on 12-12-12? If you did, HOORAY! This is the last time that the date, month, and year are the same for your lifetime or mine.
     And as Christmas is finally upon us (almost!), take some time to meditate upon the miracle in the manger. God bless us, every one! And may we bless Him and conduct ourselves in a way that will draw others to His Salvation, the baby Jesus! Celebrate!

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