Be Careful with Books

     Even though we love beautiful books that swallow us heart and soul, they come with a word of warning.

     Be careful of books and what is inside them.

     Book are powerful, but not all are created equal. We want them to do us good not harm. Never forget that you have control over what you put into your mind.

     For words have the power to change us.

     Assuming we all want to be wiser, kinder, smarter, and all-around better people, we should seek out the books that will make us so. Good books don't just show up. They are carefully crafted by their authors and carefully sought out by their readers.

     There is so much to read in this world. Make sure you're reading words that change you for the better.

     Challenge for today: Read something that changes you for the better.


This post is part of my 31 Days to a Better Reading Life series.

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